Elon Musk buys more Twitter shares

Before he once again questioned freedom of expression on the microblogging service last week, the currently richest person in the world, as has now become known, acquired more than nine percent of the shares in Twitter Inc. Like the US business channel CNBC In a note to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it was announced that Elon Musk had widely acquired shares in the social media platform Twitter.

According to the information, Musk already bought about 9.2 percent of the shares in Twitter in mid-March, making him one of the largest shareholders in the service he frequently uses. Some observers are now speculating that Musk is somehow trying to take full control of Twitter. Analyst Dan Ives of the consulting firm Wedbush says the Tesla boss’s share purchase could lead to “some sort of buyout” even if his shares are classified as passive stocks.

25 percent price hike makes Musk’s investment worth it

All in all, Musk would already benefit from joining Twitter, as the share price rose about a quarter after his pledge was announced. At the end of last week, Musk’s stake in Twitter was worth about $2.89 billion. The Tesla boss is currently the richest person in the world and has repeatedly caused a stir on Twitter with his statements. He repeatedly criticized the Twitter operators’ handling of the rules that apply to all users, and also accused the company of curtailing free speech.

Nine days after his stock purchase, Musk recently launched a survey via Twitter asking whether the agency strictly adheres to the principle of free speech, which is so important to a functioning democracy. After the foreseeable outcome was certain, Musk went on to explain that Twitter practically functions as a “public town square”. Thus, if the company does not adhere to the principles of free speech, it undermines democracy. A day later, the multi-billionaire and richest person in the world asked if a “new platform” for free speech was needed.