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Eleven OTs Banned from Surgeries

The Healthcare Commission of Punjab has deferred surgeries in eleven operation theatres (OTs) of nine private hospitals. And the commission also issued show-cause notices to twenty-three healthcare setups. These establishments were issued notices for not practising the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS).

As per a press release on Monday, the team of the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) inspected twenty-three private hospitals in the districts of Gujranwala and Lahore. The PHC also gave notices to eleven hospitals for having a bad hospital waste management.

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The two operation theatres of the Saadan Hospitals and one operation theatre each of these hospitals in Lahore—Kalsoom Hospital, Al-Raazi Healthcare, Geo Hospital and Anwar Hospital were suspended from performing any kind of surgery.

While in the Gujranwala district, two operation theatres of Friends Surgical Hospital and one each of the Sial Hospital, Swiss Pakistan Hospital and City Hospital—were deferred from performing surgeries.

The administrations of both Lahore and Gujranwala hospitals have been instructed to ensure the proper implementation of the standards so that the surgeries could be resumed. They were also instructed to submit laboratory reports and written replies to the Punjab Healthcare Commission.

The spokesperson of the PHC said that since the start of this year, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has inspected four hundred and twenty-seven Healthcare Establishments and has suspended the surgeries in two hundred and ninety-two operation theatres and has given show-cause notices to three hundred and eighty-three hospitals for not practising the Minimum Service Delivery Standards and for the violation of the PHC Act 2010.

He further informed that the PHC has given a fine of more than rupees 2.7 million.

Such initiatives by the authorities are applaudable as they are purely meant for the public facilitation. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are the last places that should be dirty, I mean they are the most sensitive places and people go there to get treatment if they would be dirty and not kept as per the standards then for sure the services provided there would also be affected. To ensure that these healthcare setups are clean and abiding by all the healthcare standards is crucial for the wellness of both the patients and the hospitals.

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