Electronic Bracelets to Be Introduced in Punjab Hospitals for Ending Newborn Kidnappings – Research Snipers

Electronic Bracelets to Be Introduced in Punjab Hospitals for Ending Newborn Kidnappings

A decision has been taken to launch the radio frequency identification (RFID) system in order to prevent the kidnappings of newborn babies in the government hospitals in Punjab.

As per the officials of the Punjab Health department, the project would initially be implemented at the Services Hospital during the current month and later the system would be introduced in other hospitals of Punjab.

The verdict to make use of the modern technology for preventing the newborn babies abduction at the public hospitals was taken by the Specialised Health care and Medical Education department. The frequency of the bracelets of both mother and the newborn would be same and would be connected to a central monitoring system at the hospital.

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Principal Dr Mahmood Ayaz of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), has confirmed the introduction of the project and informed that the RFID system would be launched at the gynaecology and paediatric wards of the SIMS in the first phase of the project launch.

Dr Ayaz added that the system is not costly. He further informed that they have sent a proposal to the health department and soon the systems would be purchased.

He also said that before the introduction of this system, the mother and child were tagged on their wrists with plastic bracelets having a number. But now they would be wearing a RFID bracelet. Because of this bracelet whenever the child is taken out of a particular area, a notification would be issued with the system and a siren would start ringing.

Dr Ayaz hoped that with this system there would definitely be a decrease in the number of cases of abductions of newborn babies.

He added that many nations which includes India, uses this modern system for the safety of children while the private hospitals in Pakistan are also making use of these electronic security bracelets.

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