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ElectroCure is the success story of Pakistan

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Center for Intelligence Systems and Network Research (CISNR) has developed a solution ElectroCure at the University of Engineering and Technology at Peshawar.

The CISNR initially developed “ElectroCure” in 2018, it is a meter-less smart metering system focused on reducing the electricity losses up to 95% through theft detection, load imbalances and losses and other administrative anomalies.

During a seminar titled, “ElectroCure: Making Pakistan Bright Again” in Islamabad the developers and stakeholders highlighted the success of the product. Dr. Khaid Maqbool Siddiqui Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Pakistan applauded “ElectroCure” and said, it is truly a success story project for Pakistan, and he ensured his support to promote ElectroCure further and put it to work by installing it at the government entities.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Khan, director at CISNR and the inventor of ElectroCure highlighted the main features of the product, he said, it is a smart meter with meter-less architecture similar to the distribution boxes of telecom companies. One single unit can be installed for multiple consumers ranging from 6 to 300 houses which reduces the cost of installation per consumer.

The system also provides transformer level control to the utility company and also provides prepaid and postpaid billing facilities along with ensuring reliable voltage supply which eliminates the need to install voltage stabilizers. He further said the project is being funded by Ignite National Technology fund under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

Col Kamran at the event told attendees that the system has been tested by the Pakistan Army. The Military Engineering Service has installed systems at various locations in Peshawar and Rawalpindi cantonment areas, the system has helped reducing line loses by 35%.

Zhicheng Li, CEO of NASYS group also spoke at the event and expressed his interest in investing to implement the system in Peshawar to curb power theft in Peshawar Electric Supply Company.

Pakistan needs to take effective measures to privatize power distribution companies in order to manage the power distribution in the country effectively said Chairman Wapda at the occasion. The ElectroCure has a yearlong history of successful line losses detection and distribution management, now it is time to promote, install, and further develop the system across the country said CEO, Ignite.