Electricity Tariff Likely to be Increased by Rs3.81 per unit

electricity tariff

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has made the decision of increasing the electricity tariff by Rs3.81 per unit and an official announcement of the taken decision is expected to be made today.

The committee has suggested relieving the consumers who utilise fifty units of electricity in a month. Consumers of electricity would have to tolerate an additional load of four hundred and six billion rupees.

The power division has proposed an increase of eighty-seven paisa per unit for the consumers using a hundred units per month, while Rs1.22 per unit increase has been suggested for the consumers who utilise two hundred units per month.

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The users of electricity using three hundred units would have to pay a minimum amount of Rs2.04 per unit and a maximum increase of Rs3.81 has been suggested.

The government has also taken the decision of giving subsidy to the industrialists alongside providing them with the support package.

Previously, on the 26th of September, the ECC of the cabinet had postponed the summary for an increase in electricity prices after Asad Umar—the finance minister raised an objection to the tariff determination formula.

Asad Umar wanted a clear plan for decreasing the losses and for the improvement in bills recovery before the ECC gave its approval for an increase in prices.

The finance ministry in one of his statements said that the notification of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority’s (NEPRA) determined tariff was postponed until the finalisation of a detailed plan for the betterment of service delivery.

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