Karachi’s prominent electric power supplier K-Electric (KE) has claimed on Wednesday that the power supply to the city will see improvement by May 20.

The company said that KE has imported the affected part of KE Bin Qasim power station from Holland. The rotor which weighs over 41 tones will be airlifted and reach Karachi on May 16.

The rotor would be installed later with the help of a team of experts, the repair work on the affected unit is expected to be completed by May 20.

Earlier NEPRA advised taking control of K-Electric administration amid unscheduled power outages in the city of Karachi leaving the lives of the public in a miserable condition for several months. NEPRA held KE responsible for not managing the electricity supply affairs effectively. The matter was discussed in National Assembly where the cabinet was informed that KE is not working properly and deviating from its responsibility to supply the uninterrupted power supply to masses.

Later this month, the Sindh High Court also issued a contempt of court notice to K-Electric (KE’s) Chief Executive Officer CEO Tayyab Tareen while hearing the case of unannounced, unscheduled power outages in Karachi.

The petition was filed by Iqbal Kazmi, saying that unannounced load-shedding of eight to 12 hours a day has made people lives gloomy. K-Electric was bound to publish the schedule for load shedding before the power outages—it added.

The petition further argued that the court has ordered the KE to stop unannounced load-shedding but the company has shredded the court’s orders and not taking any substantial measures to improve the condition of the power supply.