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Electricity Prices Increased by Rs. 0.5272 per unit


The electricity prices have been increased by Rs. 0.5272 per unit by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). The prices have been increased for domestic consumers.

According to an official notification from NEPRA, this increase id because of the quarterly adjustments and interim relief given to the power distribution companies (Discos). This will enable Discos to recover almost Rs. 52.7 billion from domestic users.

Two separate notifications were issued by the power regulator for quarterly/ biannual adjustments and interim relief.

From January 1st, 2019, an increment of Rs 0.3325 per unit in tariff for fuel adjustments was notified in the first order. The other notification allowed the power distributors to get back Rs. 19.7 billion by increasing Rs. 0.1947 per unit.

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The new tariff is immediately applicable.

This increase in electricity prices will come as an added frustration for domestic users who are already suffering from inflation. However, in another article, we did give our readers tips and tricks to reduce their electricity bill.

Small, necessary steps can be taken to reduce the electricity bill like using energy savers, using washing machines in full mode, defrosting fridge and freezer etc.