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Electricity Overbilling ‘A Crime’—Soon to be Declared by the Government

Awais Laghari, Minister for Power Division on Tuesday said in the National Assembly that a law will be made for declaring ‘overbilling’ a crime.

The Minister told the Assembly that in the next session he would be briefing about the details of wrong billing and many other issues related to it. He also mentioned that issues of power dispensing firms will also be discussed. He further added that all issues related to electricity like overbilling, electricity theft, etc. all need to be addressed.

Laghari also said that many speeches and talks have been done in this regard which never solves the actual problem. He said that reduction has been attained in load-shedding and now the attention needs to be focused on electricity theft concern and this problem needs to be solved.

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The National Assembly has passed a bill ‘the transplantation of human organs and tissues (amendment bill, 2017)’ focusing on the making of a facility of donating human tissues and organs in case of accidental deaths.

MQM, fully supported the bill, despite noticeable resistance from the government side. The government had their own proposition but opposition was persistent on their demand of getting the bill passed.
MQM passed this bill with the assistance of opposing parties PTI & PPP and a PML-N MNA Marvi Memon.

In the statement of objects and reasons, it was mentioned that there is a large percentage of accidental deaths while driving automobiles. In such deaths mostly, the body is mutilated to the extent that even routine rituals could not be performed. But, some tissues and organs remain alive even after clinical death is declared so such tissues and organs could be utilized for helping the people who need them for survival. Hence there is a need for such establishment for donating human organs and tissues if accidental death occurs.

Report Pursued on Execution Of Resolutions

Syed Khurshid Shah, Opposition leader wanted a report on the implementation of resolves passed in the assembly during the present government’s tenure.

On a point order, Shireen Mazari, PTI’s MNA asked for reasons from the foreign minister for offering the USA to do a mutual operation against the ‘Haqqani network’. She even criticized government about giving visa to Lisa Curtis who wrote against Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Captain (Retd) Muhammad Safdar, asked for the change in name of Department of Physics, named after Professor Dr. Abdul Salam.

He also demanded a ban on employing the Ahmadis’’ in Army and said he will persistently bring this issue in the parliament.

Sheikh Aftab, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs said that the matter relating the use of PIA plane in a movie filmed in Malta is under investigation by FIA. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is asked to submit a report within a month. For satisfying the opposition party concerns he said that Pakistan has always helped Palestine and this incident has embarrassed us. PIA Airbus A310 was borrowed on rent by a British film-making firm.

A resolution was also passed for dealing efficiently with the propaganda against Balochistan at international forums.

Another resolution was there about the establishment of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib International University at Nankana Sahib. The government was asked to take quick steps in order to build the university.

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