Elections 2018 Will Be Monitored Through 80,000 CCTV Cameras

In order to strictly supervise the next elections that would be held in 2018 Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) would install 80,000 CCTV cameras.

 These cameras would especially be installed at all sensitive polling stations. These cameras would be bought and the recording devices would be installed in the appropriate place at election polling stations.

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Purpose of installing cameras

  •  Surveillance of the whole voting process
  •  Ensure fair and honest elections

Any misconduct or wrongdoing in voting is captured and dealt with

Ensure the right person becomes the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. The person that people of Pakistan chose.

Can the purpose be achieved?

We cannot say that for sure. We can only look at the history of Pakistan and general elections and answer this question. There has been rigging in almost every elections held in Pakistan since partition. Would installing cameras ensure fair and square elections? Or do we need to improve our whole system of electoral process and bring honest and fair people monitoring the elections.

Less than a year is left in the next general elections of Pakistan. Let’s hope we vote to the right person and elect the next person who will work for the country and not expect the country to work for him.