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Elderly People Less Affected by Coronavirus: Report

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On Saturday the Islamabad District Health Authority (DHA) has shared a report indicating the age-wise data of the COVID-19 patients.

As per reports, the people aged between 31 years and 45 years remained hardest hit by the coronavirus while the lowest number of cases were reported among those aged over 80 years.

It revealed that the people aged between 31 and 45 were most vulnerable to the virus.

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Some 5,786 cases of this age group have so far surfaced in the federal capital.

Further, some 4,099 patients who contracted coronavirus infection Covid-19 aged between 21 years and 49 years while 3, 831 were those who aged between 46 and 60.

DHA report mentioned the number of cases from 61 years-old to 80 years-old to be 1,594 while only 157 people aged over 80 contracted the pandemic virus.

On the other hand, the education minister shared that there are at the moment no plans of closing the schools in the nation.

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