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Einstein from Peshawar introduces 13 new Mathematics formulas

Riaz Ahmed the Einstein from Peshawar has introduced 13 new mathematics formulas. These new formulas have proven to be quite useful for the students.

Interestingly not only Riaz has the mind of Einstein, he also looks like the great scientist. His work is innovative, amazing and he has achieved a milestone in the study of mathematics.

He has created a breakthrough in mathematics field by presenting 13 new formulas. They are quite easy to use.

As the formulas have been created by Riaz he has sought for the copyrights of them. He wants that his formulas are recognized by schools and educational authorities globally and they become part of the syllabus.

It is amazing to see that individuals from Pakistan are exploring new dimensions, working on new ideas and bringing innovation in the country. In the end their effort will not just be their achievement it will be an achievement of Pakistan. The positive image of the country will be promoted and people on the other side of the picture will realize what immense talent and expertise this country has. The 13 new formulas by Riaz Ahmad might help youngsters in studying mathematics, the difficult equations and problems might get a little easier. Also, globally he will receive acknowledgment and appreciation for his work in the field of mathematics.

Other than this quite recently four Pakistanis were featured in Forbes ’30 under 30′ list which was yet another achievement by the youth of Pakistan.

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Similarly, a Pakistani guy Muhammad Zeeshan gained international recognition, by becoming the best user interface designer of Upwork.

Then Syed Faizan Hussain, a 23-year-old, talented young tech entrepreneur from Pakistan received recognition for his work to promote the use of technology in health-related problems. For his efforts, he received Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

So such examples of Pakistani individual making a mark worldwide are numerous. Let us appreciate them and promote them.