Egyptian Billionaire, Naguib Sawiris Offers to Develop 100,000 Houses in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

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An offer has been made by the Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris to build 100,000 Houses in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Presently the Egyptian billionaire is also working on the development of a housing project in Islamabad. It is a multi-billion dollar housing project. Simultaneously Sawiris, willingly wants to engage in the PM Khan’s housing scheme.

CEO Elite States Tarek Hamdy, a joint venture by Sawiris’ Ora Developers and Saif Holding said, “Naguib Sawiris has expressed his will to invest in 100,000 units of affordable housing to help Prime Minister (Imran Khan) in his vision toward Pakistan.”

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The aim of Imran Khan is to build 5 million houses in Pakistan for those who are unable to afford it. So basically these houses are for the underprivileged segment of the society.

Hamdy said, “This scheme is very ambitious yet very promising for the people of Pakistan. I think all the developers should help in this scheme. You cannot solely rely on the government to build five million houses.”

Adding, “I think the plan is right, but it has to be in stages, has to be in steps. It could be achievable obviously it is not the project (to be achieved) in one or two years… may take a few good years, maybe a couple of decades to be achieved.”

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