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Egypt Reopens Its Oldest Pyramid After 14 Years

oldest pyramid-Djoser's Step Pyramid

On Thursday, Egypt reopened its oldest pyramid-Djoser’s Step Pyramid. This is the first pyramid that was ever built. The pyramid has been reopened after 14-year restoration work costing nearly $6.6 million.

The pyramid, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, was built 4,700 years back during the ear of Pharaoh Djoser, one of the Ancient Kings of the Third Dynasty of Egypt.

After years of neglect and the risk of collapse associated with the pyramid, the government of Egypt began an ambitious venture to restore the old beauty back in 2006.

Khaled al-Anani the minister of tourism and antiquities said that today they celebrate the completion of the project of warding off the danger and of maintaining and restoring the first and the oldest remaining pyramid in Egypt.

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The structure is said to be designed by Imhotep, who is the first architect of the world.

Anani said that they are in awe of his talent to create such structure, which has remained there for 4,700 years.

The 60-metre high pyramid comprises of 6 stacked steps over a burial shaft tomb which is 28 meters in depth and 7 meters in width.

Mostafa Madbouly, the Egyptian PM said that the country was engaged in many large-scale ventures, and the restoration of the heritage sites is one of them.

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