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Educational Institutions in Pakistan to Reopen from Sep 15

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The educational institutions in Pakistan would be reopening from the 15th of September as was decided in a meeting of all the education ministers that was held yesterday.

Shafqat Mahmood, the federal education minister headed the meeting. During the meeting, it was finalized that the schools and the universities would be resuming their classes from next month and action would be taken against the ones found violating the decision.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has suggested reopening the educational institutions from the 1st of September, which was opposed by all the meeting participants, as informed by the spokesperson of the Sindh education minister.

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Previously, in July the government made the announcement that it would be resuming the educational activities in the nation from September after seeing and reviewing the COVID-19 situation.

The education minister had then said that the decision has been taken to grant permits to the schools to call its admin staff before the 15th of September and also announced that the training would be given to make sure that the SOPs are properly implemented.

He further said that the provinces would be responsible for making sure that the SOPs are followed. He cautioned schools to abide by the procedures provided by the government. He said that it is his request to the private schools, especially that the SOPs they would be required to follow would be the ones made by the government.

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