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Educational Institutes Would Remain Close on Monday and Tuesday in Punjab

All educational institutions including the schools, colleges, and universities of the province Punjab would remain closed on Monday and Tuesday because of the current prevailing situation in the country.

Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan—Minister Education mentioned this in one of his statements on Sunday.

He further added the closure of educational institutes could be extended depending on the situation if law and order is not attained soon then the fresh announcement relating the extended offs would be made accordingly.

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The Education Minister also informed that the country situation is quite tense currently. The negotiations are in process and it is being hoped that the circumstances would improve in next two days. He added that the Punjab government is trying its best to settle down the situation and is in contact with the higher authorities. He mentioned that there is hope that the protesting brothers would understand the government stance and would try to calm down.

He further added that in view of the present situation, it is best to keep the educational institutes closed for two days.

Presently the schools, colleges, and universities are to remain closed on Monday and Tuesday that is November 27th and 28th.

It may be recalled that these nationwide protests erupted throughout Pakistan when Federal government decided to launch the crackdown operation against the protestors in Faizabad. The nature of the protests is serious as ever since they have started many roads have been blocked and people are stuck in traffic jams across Pakistan in the major cities of the country.

If the situation gets under control then the all educational institutes would reopen from Wednesday that is November 29th.

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