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Educational Institutes in KP to Remain Open for 5 Days Each Month


The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has taken the decision and announced that it would be reopening its educational institutions throughout the province for 5 days in a month amid the coronavirus outbreak, as per the reports of local media.

A handout has been issued on Tuesday that mentions that although the educational institutes are permitted to operate for 5 days, they could only permit to have the attendance of 4 administrative and 5 teachers at one time in the institute for ensuring that social distancing is practised.

It further stated that the school administration should make sure that there are hand sanitizers avaiable. The staff should wear masks ans should maintain a distance of 3 foot between them while doing their respective duties.

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The handout further asked all the private educational institutes to ensure that the salaries are provided to the teachers and to the other staff members.

It is to be noted that the government of KP on the 13th of last month announced to close all the public and private educational institutes throughout the province for curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

On the other hand, Asad Umar has said recently that the effects of the coronavirus, (the global epidemic that has affected all the countries) could be serious and said that the ones who think that they are safe from the COVID-19 should learn from the case of the Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson.

PM Boris Johnson is currently in the intensive care unit, as his condition got critical after he was admitted on Sunday because of coronavirus symptoms.

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