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Education System has Got Unfairness in its Root: Says Shafqat Mahmood

Shafat Mahmood

Shafqat Mahmood-the federal minister for Education and Professional Training has said that in more than 70 years, they could only form islands of standard education in the nation. However, they remained unable to spread this education to the whole country and thus it is scattered here and there.

As per reports, he was speaking at the Second Education Summit on ‘Digital disruption: innovative pedagogies, redefining curriculum and leadership’ organised by the Pakistan Academic Consortium (PAC) at a local hotel here on Wednesday.

“Education teaches one to understand the world but here you put a product of upper-class school and a product of a government school before each other and they won’t even get each other’s viewpoints. We are seeing the effect of our education systems in our society,” he said.

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“There is English as our official language and our corporate language so it is seen as the language which gets you places. But only the elite schools are producing people who are comfortable with English. It is broadening the cracks in our society. Our education system has unfairness in its roots. Changing our education system is not that simple, therefore, but I am happy that at least we have started talking about it due to the Single National Curriculum,” he said.

“Educationists agree to teach in the language which the child can reveal, especially from ages one to five. But here in our nation, we speak many languages. So the most common medium of instruction is to be the most common usage language, which is Urdu or English. Then our surveys show that private schools are shocked at our considering Urdu as the medium of instruction. They sell their education on the basis of this language because English in this country is not just a language, it is a class. Parents want their children to be successful in life by knowing this language. So we have resistance from the parents as well as private schools to let the medium of education be English,” he pointed out.

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