Education Minister Sindh Denies Promotion Without Exams This Year

Examinations postponed

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has said that under no circumstances will children be promoted without examinations this year. According to details, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani while addressing a press conference said that a meeting of the Education Promotion Committee was held today in which the opening of colleges and universities was discussed in detail.

Classes, universities will be open from February 1. The Sindh Education Minister said that it is difficult to teach 60% syllabus when educational institutions are closed. The members were of the view that examinations should not be conducted in a hurry. The 60% syllabus which has been fixed should be taught to the children in a good manner.

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Saeed Ghani said that last year children were promoted without examination, this year children will not be promoted without examination, this year examinations will be held in any case, even if they have to be taken further.

He said that the next meeting of the Education Steering Committee is on January 30. It has already been decided that 50 percent students will come in each class. SOPs related to schools and educational institutions have already been decided. Sindh Education Minister further said that we want to announce our plan before February 1, also said that all private schools can run, small private schools should also be given interest-free loans.

Given that the owners can run their own schools, they cannot say for sure how many children are out of school. Saeed Ghani said that the committee was also informed about distance and online learning. In joint meetings, there are people from both health and education. In this meeting, the position of ‘health people’ is always different.

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Examinations were to be held in late May or early June. If the syllabus is not completed, taking the exam will be excessive. He said that in order to teach syllabus to the children if they have to pass the examinations, they want us to have something to test the quality of the children. There are many difficulties which do not come in front of people. I brought it to the department. The provincial education minister said that the 20% discount on fees was due to lockdown. When the lockdown ended, the 20% discount was removed. We want student unions to be restored but no one should take advantage of it, he added.

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