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Education Expenses Hiked by 153% in September

As per the recent reports of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) education seems to be much expensive in Pakistan, with expenses increasing by one hundred and fifty-three percent in September.

Education was referred to be the second largest contributor after house rent to CPI-based inflation. This was identified by the SBP Inflation Monitor.

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Previously in Karachi on the 18th of August parents came out in protest, against the school administrations who raised the fees although the Sindh High Court has restricted the schools for not increasing their charges by more than 5 % annually.

Millions of private schools are losing admissions as parents are unable to afford the ever-rising fees, whereas, the government schools so they do not have enough space for imparting education to these children.

To send one’s children to a good school is a costly affair for most of the Pakistanis. Middle-class families give a major chunk of their salaries in school payments.

As per the statistics of Pakistan Education 2015-2016 released by the National Education Management Information System the number of out-of-school children has decreased from last year that is from 24 million to 22.6 million.

Still, the chunk of children not going to schools is so big that it appears that a whole generation of children would remain uneducated. The government shows no hastiness towards this issue for making it a priority.

The private schools which are providing education to most of the children are asking for a big sum of money as their fees for services. Along with the fees, there are charges for imported books, copies and stationery which adds on the burden on parents.

The official report reveals that more than 44% children aged between five and sixteen are out of school because of this fees hike. And as the government schools are in no such conditions to accommodate these out-of-school children so these children remain out of school.

As per the report, only 30% of the children are still going to schools from class 1 till 10th.

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House rents is another major issue afflicting especially upon the middle and lower middle class.