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Education Crisis in Pakistan, 2017

Quaid-i-Azam University Issue:

For almost two weeks Quaid-i-Azam University was closed as the university’s administration suspended 18 students and expelled 8 for their issues and extreme arguments in the university’s hostels. The students then started protesting and the issue just aggravated. Now the university has opened again but it is heavily guarded with police. Students who have no connection with the whole incidents are being questioned and each one is being looked with a doubtful eye. An air of fear has spread in the campus.

Illegal educational institutions operating in the country:

There are educational institutions operating in the country illegally. HEC has confirmed that 165 institutes in Pakistan are non-recognized by HEC. 102 out of them are in Punjab. Where is Pakistan’s educational system going with so many illegal educational institutions?

World education rankings, where does Pakistan stand?

Pakistan education ranking in the world has just dropped. Last year seven Pakistan universities made to Top 1000, this year only four universities were part of top 1000 list. This is quite disappointing for Pakistan/

153% hike in education prices:

The price of education increased by 153% this September in Pakistan. In Karachi, parents did protest against the outrageous hike in student fees although Sindh government has restricted the schools for not increasing their charges by more than 5 % annually.

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Schools developed in residential areas, residents’ complaints:

Residents of Islamabad filed a complaint against private schools and colleges in the area. They are causing a traffic jam, as per the petitioner and “have destroyed the peace of mind and right of tranquility of the petitioner.” Schools play a pivotal role in creating an educated society. It seems that they are just working for commercial purposes these days.

With so many issues going on with our education system, what is the future of Pakistan educational institutions? Are our children given the education worth all the fesses we pay? Should students be expelled on unfair grounds, and protestors who raise their voices be jailed? Is Pakistan educational ranking in the world, an eye-opener for all of us? Isn’t it high time for us to think again about our educational system?