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Edhi Found 375 Bodies of Newly Borns in 2019

Bodies of Newly Borns

In 2019, Edhi foundation found 300 dead bodies of the newly born babies; mostly girls who were found buried in different parts of the cities which were later buried in proper graveyards, as informed by the charity officials.

Saad Edhi charity organization’s spokesperson said that around 375 bodies were found on the roadsides and other open places. He also said that as compared to 2018 the number of newly born dead bodies have doubled in 2019.

The head of Edhi foundation Faisal Edhi said that there are many reasons behind this disastrous circumstance. The first reason was that there were many people who do not want a girl as their child. When they hear that a girl has been conceived through the ultrasound, the family aborts the child as due to the societal pressure they only prefer to have a male child.

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In such cases, the mothers are forced to abort in 4-5 months of pregnancy. And later on, the families give away their child to the Edhi centres located in different parts of the cities as they don’t get any death certificate from the hospitals. Also, they are afraid of getting arrested as abortion is illegal in our country.

Faisal Edhi stated that abortion is only allowed in critical cases in order to save a mother’s life. The data provided by the Edhi foundation shows that 20 newly born dead bodies were found in January, 31 in February, 24 in March, 35 in April, 17 in May, 29 in June, 35 in July, 40 in August, 18 in September, 22 in October, 22 in November and 22 in December in the year 2019.

Another charity spokesperson said that 313 bodies were brought to the moosa lane located in lyari and 62 bodies were sent to the Edhi morgue in Sohrab Goth area.

All the bodies have been buried properly in the personal graveyards of Edhi foundation.

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