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ECP Banned New Development Schemes of Rs150 Million in Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has put a pause on the new development schemes worth Rs150 million in Rawalpindi after Election Commission of Pakistan ECP banned the new development schemes as the general election approaches.

The development schemes worth Rs150 million was approved by the elected members of RMC and some development works were already started in the city. Since ECP has banned the process no new schemes should be initiated till the general elections 2018. However, RMC has sought permission to continue the development and repair works on the roads and streets till the elections.

ECP had issued a notice on April 11 ordering government departments not to start any new schemes, projects, and recruitment in order to avoid any allegations of pre-election rigging. Mayor Sardar Naseem told dawn that they have stopped the projects that were supposed to be launched this month; however, we had an approval from elected members of RMC to launch the projects worth Rs.150 million.

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A letter has been sent to ECP seeking permission to carry out development works in the city areas, RMC wanted to spend Rs.100 million on facilities including bus stands, roads, streets and drains in union council. Other new projects would now be launched after the general elections 2018, he added.

During the current fiscal year, RMC has launched development schemes worth Rs.1.87 billion higher than the previous years. RMC also generated 220 million extra in commercialization higher than the targeted revenue of 20 million. Moreover, property tax and transfer fees played a positive role in increasing the revenue, we collected Rs.135 million till the April 1, he added.

We have directed the contractors to finish the projects as soon as possible, without any discrimination we have allocated funds to all parties’ union council chairmen for their councils—said PMLNs Mayor.