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Economic Future of Pakistan is Linked to China – PM Khan

The economic future of Pakistan is linked to China and the bilateral relations between Pakistan and China are ‘better than ever before’, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The PM said that the growth rate of Pakistan is faster than any country in the world. Pakistan can benefit from how China has developed and gotten its people out of poverty. He said this in an interview with Al-Jazeera. The premise of the interview was regarding the present government completing its 2 years, talking about global and national development that stance of Pakistan on the geopolitics of the region.

The interviewer asked, “Those who were watching you two years ago still remember the promises you made about clamping down on corruption, mismanagement, unemployment, providing job opportunities, housing. For many people, you haven’t so far delivered on those promises. Why?”

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To this, the PM said, “Reforming the economy overnight is impossible, Pakistan has moved in the right direction over the last two years.”

Adding, “Think about any economy in the world that faces similar problems that Pakistan has faced. Huge deficits, both external and internal. The power sector is in serious trouble. No country can snap its fingers and have reforms take place. Its a struggle. Reforming the economy is not an overnight thing. It takes time. You have to change the way the government works. In my opinion, in these two years, Pakistan has moved in the right direction.”

The PM stated that under his leadership the country at least did not see any major corruption scandal as it was handled from the top.

Adding, “The reason it is hard to clamp down on corruption is that the people who come into power, use their power to make money and are not held accountable. For the first time, people are being held accountable.”

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