Eating Too Much Rice And Pasta Likely to Cause Early Menopause

As per a new study in London, the excessive use of refined carbohydrates—especially white pasta and rice, may lead to an earlier menopause by a year and a half earlier.

The findings were published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, according to which high intake of healthy foods like oily fish, green beans, fresh legumes and peas are the commodities associated with a later onset of menopause.

The study lead author—Yashvee Dunneram—a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leeds—Britain said that there are several factors that are taken into consideration for developing the relationship between age and the start of menopause, including the generic factors or behavioural and environmental exposure. However, a limited study has been done that looks at the impact of diet on menopause.

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The study used the data gathered from fourteen thousand one hundred and fifty women, residing in Britain. They were asked to fill a detailed diet questionnaire along with an initial survey which was done to collect information on the reproductive health and history.

Later after four years when a follow-up survey and questionnaire was done, the researchers were able to analyse the diets of the women who have experienced the onset of natural menopause in the interim. The average age of the women of Britain for menopause is 51 years.

More than nine hundred women were found to have experienced the natural start of their menopause at the time of the follow up survey, their ages ranging in between 40 and 65, which means that they must have menstruated for at least twelve months consecutively and menopause had not been brought on by factors like surgery, or cancer or pharmaceutical treatments.

Their diet analysis revealed high intake of oily fish which are liked to a delayed start of menopause by almost three years. A diet full of refined pasta and rice displayed that menopause was more probably to occur one-and-a-half years before than the average age.

As per the BBC reports the new study is observational and cannot prove any factor, the researchers, however, have some possible explanations behind their findings.

For example, legumes contain antioxidants which could preserve menstruation for a longer span of time. Similarly, omega-3 fatty acids which are found in the oily fish also leads to stimulating the capacity of antioxidants in the body.

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As per the report, the increased use of refined carbs could also raise the risk of insulin resistance, which could hinder with the sex hormone activity and increase the oestrogen levels which might lead to an increase in the number of menstrual cycles causing the supply of eggs to finish faster.

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