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Eating Naswar, Gutka Banned at Karachi Airport

naswar and gutka

The Civil Aviation Authority—CAA has placed a ban on eating Naswar and Gutka at Karachi Airport.

As per the reports of local media, the CAA on Wednesday declared a ban on eating Paan, Naswar, and Gutka at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

As per a notification by the aviation authority, the ban would be applied to all the airport staff including the employees of the CAA department.

The CAA in a notification said that strict action would be taken against the ones found eating Gutka or Naswar within the airport premises.

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Furthermore, the CAA has also imposed a ban on the loaders for using mobile phones within the airport premises.

Previously in the month of July, the CAA imposed a ban on carrying Naswar during a plane journey. The ban was imposed on the commuters.

According to the details, all the Arab nations in the Middle East have included Naswar in the narcotics list. After the inclusion of the item in the Narcotics list, the aviation authority and ANF also proclaimed carrying Naswar during the flight as an offense.

Incase of non-abidance with the directives, strict action would be taken against the offenders, the notification mentioned.

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