Eateries on Empty Plots and Footpaths Banned – CCB

There has been a ban placed by Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) on eateries established on empty plots and footpaths in its jurisdiction. Tea shops and other shops have been banned. Also, an order has been placed by CCB to close all shops, food stalls, hotels and restaurants falling in CCB jurisdiction by 12 am.

The ban is in place immediately. Those shopkeepers who do not comply with this, action will be taken against them under the Cantonment Act 1924. Not just their businesses will be taken but also they will be penalized.

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On Saturday the new orders from CBC were issued in accordance with the Supreme Court’s order.  Businessmen working in the CBC commercial area were distributed notices. The areas included are Karachi beach, DHA and Clifton. According to the notices it is completely banned to use chairs and tables on empty plots and footpaths.

CBS staff teams are sending notices to different shopkeepers.  Around 300 notices have been issued to various tea shops, hotels constructed on the side of footpaths.

The reasons these shops are being banned is because they are causing traffic problems and issues for pedestrians. Thus to minimize these issues a ban has been placed.

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