EasyJet to Launch Its First Electric Power-Driven Commercial Plane Soon

An official announcement was made by a UK based airline about the launch of an electric power-driven commercial plane for passengers in next ten years.

The firm EasyJet in collaboration with a United States company Wright Electric is already working on a battery pushing airplane that could fly around to places within two hours’ time. Yet, the name of this new electric powered craft is not announced.

EasyJet is a lesser budget airline in comparison to other airlines. It visions of flying the aircraft 20 percent of the routes throughout Europe. From sources, it is believed that the aircraft would cut down on both noise and air pollutions respectively.

The plane would be designed in such a manner that the electric motors would be installed in the aircraft’s wings, extracting power from the batteries, as shared by Wright Electric. So far, a two-seater electric plane has been designed and tested by the organization. The firm intends to complete its first commercial-scale model till 2021.

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The airplane would be manufactured with the capacity of carrying 120 to 220 passengers. The maximum range of the plane in number would be 335 miles or 540 kilometers. This range would allow the plane for routes like London to Amsterdam, Berlin to Vienna and Milan to Rome. The details relating engine technology and power consumption by the engine are not revealed by the CEO of Wright Electric, Jeffery Engler.

Just the thought of prohibiting combustion engines was not possible but these days countries are thinking along these lines. Technology changes and advancements bring alterations in the way people think, behave and respond. Technology shifts give room for new opportunities which lead to new ventures. The whole process is really stimulating, stated by EasyJet’s Chief commercial officer.