Earthquake Tremors Felt in Peshawar and other KPK Cities


On Sunday, earthquake tremors were felt in Peshawar and numerous areas of Khyber PK. A 5.4 Richter scale has been recorded by the authorities.

According to the details, the tremor was felt in Swat, Lower and Upper Dir, Peshawar, Hangu, Malakand, and their connecting areas.

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The residents living in these areas came out of their homes in panic and kept on reciting the verses of the Holy Quran. Although, no loss of property or life was reported from these areas due to the earthquake.

As per the National Seismic Monitoring Centre Islamabad, Afghanistan was the epicenter of the earthquake and the depth of the earthquake recorded was 198 km.

Back on October 18th, 2020, a moderate intensity earthquake jolted areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Mingora in Swat. The intensity of the earthquake was recorded at 4.7 Richter scale.

On the other hand, 100 km depth was recorded of the following earthquake. The National Seismic Monitoring Center revealed that the epicenter of this earthquake was the Hindu Kush Mountain range.  

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