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E-Visa Issuance to Umrah Pilgrims Begins from Karachi

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The issuance of the e-visas to the Umrah pilgrims has started in Karachi as per the reports of local media. The issuance of e-visas began on Wednesday.

An announcement has also been made in this matter by the government of Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims would be required to submit their passports with the travel agents under the deal with the Zaireen Saudi Umrah Company.

The Saudi Arabian embassy has halted the sticker system on the passports for Umrah.

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The biometric verification of Umrah pilgrims would also no more be conducted from now onwards.

On the 3rd of March, Saudi Arabia had issued more than 4.33million Umrah Visas in 2019 with the largest count of Umrah pilgrims being from Pakistan.

The total number for approved visas was at 4,338,959 out of which 3,892,554 pilgrims had reached Saudi Arabia, as per the data shared by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah—Saudi Arabia.

Most of the pilgrims that is 3,464,929 had reached the Kingdom by air, some 392,632 pilgrims reached by land and 344,993 arrived by sea.

The largest number of Umrah pilgrims were from Pakistan, then there was Indonesia, followed by India, Yemen, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, Algeria and Bangladesh.

As per the recent development, the government has also introduced the SMS service for facilitating the Hajj pilgrims who intend to perform Hajj through the Hajj Group Organizers.

The service has been launched so that fraudulent activities could be controlled and prevented.

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