E-learn App in Pakistan – An alternative to Tuition

An e-learning app has been launched by Punjab government that will digitalize the curriculum textbooks. The aim is to create a paper-less educational system in the province and provide an alternative to tuition in accordance to the Prime Minister Imran Khan vision.

E-learn App in Pakistan – An alternative to Tuition

On Google Play the e-Learn App is available. Each textbook along with video lectures, pictures, animations, simulations, and interactive sessions are provided in the app.

28 Science and Math textbooks, 13,047 video Lectures 592 simulations, 2100 minutes audio and 1,830 animations are available for the school students from class 6th to 12th.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has collaborated with Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board and the School Education Department (SED) to develop the whole curriculum.

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Presently the internet is needed to access the app but for its usability purposes, the future plan is to make an offline version of it. So that students can easily re-visit the textbook whenever required.

The E-learn app benefits are numerous. Students don’t have to pay the tuition fee for tuitions anymore as they can access textbooks free of cost online. They can have quicker access to lectures and learn as per their convenience.

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