Dynamic theming feature is now available on Chrome for desktop

Dynamic theming was recently applied to Chrome’s Android application, which wasn’t implemented on the desktop just yet. As per information from Android Police, with the latest update, Google is all set to implement this theme on the desktop version of Chrome.

This latest update for desktop isn’t that strong in comparison with the Android Chrome app. In Chrome’s Android app, it functions as a part of the integrated Android operating system. With this working area, it’s possible to adapt the color scheme of the system. But with the desktop version, this scenario is different, as it’s unable to be accessed through your Windows or Mac wallpaper. Although Google has a plan for turning this around,

Google Chrome for desktop games with dynamic themes

In the window’s version, the app will use your browser’s theme to match your dynamic theming. As it’s not able to get access to your wallpaper. This latest update will bring some prominent changes to the overflow menu. The text in the overflow menu will be according to the color scheme you have set up.

The text will be dependent on your color scheme; if you have a blue theme, the text will be somewhere in the tones of blue, and similarly with other colors depending on your color scheme. Although it matches your theme, Google has made sure for it to be visible against the background.

This theme is currently available in the latest version of Google, Google Canary. Google Canary is a version of Chrome that holds up all new features when they are being tested. However, it’s not a stable one to depend on, but you can download it on your devices.

Also, this feature tends to work only with dark themes in the browser. We are not sure about its availability in light mode. This feature might be available in the future as it gets updated. However, it’s interesting to get this dynamic feature for Chrome.