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Duties Made Mandatory for Mobile Phone Imports

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As per the customs officials, duties are made a must on the mobile phones imported from foreign nations, following the implementation of the Finance Bill, which bans the duty-free imports of mobile phones.

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on IT was conducted under the supervision of Rubina Khalid today. Some members displayed their reservations on placing the restrictions on the standing committee’s meeting with the National Assembly session.

It was briefed that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority—PTA has formed a special system for the travellers which is entitled as the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System—DIRBS which permits the passengers to register their cell phones within 60 days.

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The director FIA told the Senate the some of the officials have shared data with the smugglers which has led the agency to apprehend 3 of its employees, whereas 5 persons were arrested in the provincial capital of Punjab over their involvement in the unlawful mobile registration.

The action was taken following the received complaints of the citizens over the issue of having troubles in getting their mobile phone registration done as the database has already got the same identification earlier to their registration. The director further said that PTA has so far forwarded fifteen or so complaints under the data theft cases to the intel agency.

One senator remarked to the registration process a misery instead of being a facility for the users. Another one asked for the suspension of the mobile phone registration system which has added to the fears of overseas Pakistanis.

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