Dutch Tram Shooting Left Several Injured Could be Another Terrorist Attack

Dutch tram shooting

Netherland authorities say several people have been injured in an unfortunate terrorist shooting attack in Dutch Tram in Utrecht. According to the local reports the police have been investigating whether it is a terrorist attack or not.

It was just a couple of days ago when a brutal terrorist attack took place in New Zealand Christchurch where the terrorist killed almost 49 Muslims during the Friday prayer on March 15. The wounds from that terrorist attack are still bleeding and we have now come across another possible terrorist attack in Netherlands.

According to CNN, the police have not taken any suspects into the custody as yet, the police is still investigating and finding the link behind the attack which could be from the previous attack took place on October 24.

According to BBC, the shooting took place at 10:45 am local time at 24 Oktoberplein junction, the local police have also tweeted about the incident. There are no further details provided by the authorities at the moment and it is still under the investigation.

The police have also advised the citizens to stay away from the incident scene.

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