All The Dutch Trains Are Now Running On Wind Power-Renewable Energy Targets

wind power trains
This is a remarkable development by Netherlands to achieve renewable energy targets efficiently with strong commitment towards long term sustainability.

Dutch Energy Company ENECO & NS claimed that we are able to run 100% of the trains now on wind power which will minimize the carbon emissions and provide carbon free travel to almost 600,000 passengers on daily basis.

This was a remarkable achievement by the Dutch Energy Company ENECO because they documented the plans to make transition in the entire trains network into one single wind power network in 2015. They planned to attain these targets by 2018 in 3 years time. But on January 1st they announced that they have already started the trains on 100% wind power, this shows their strong management, efficiency and commitment towards sustainable energy efforts by completing their goal one year beforehand.



Image via: blog.rail

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