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Dutch Senate Passed Law Permitting Partial “Burqa Ban”

The Dutch Upper House of Parliament passed a law regarding the placement of ban on wearing face-covering veils in public buildings including government offices, schools and hospitals.

The bill was approved by the Lower House in 2016 after attempts were made to implement a more general ban on burqas and other such veils that cover the face failed.

As per the new law, all face-covering apparels which include for instance ski-masks and motor helmets are banned in public buildings, however, not on the streets.

The law is passed as a way for making hospitals, schools and public transportation much safer, however, critics say that the passed law is aimed only at getting rid of the Islamic veils, like burqa and niqab.

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The Dutch government’s key advising unit in 2015 said that the choice of wearing the veil is protected by the constitutional right to freedom of religion and that it has no grounds to restrict that right.

It also added that the law was unneeded as only two hundred to four hundred women in the Netherlands wear a burqa or niqab, making it unlikely that they would pose a major issue for schools, public transport and hospitals to distinct a law.

Steps have already been adapted against the wearing of Muslim veils in Denmark, Spain, France and Belgium among many others.

Back in 2017, the European court of human rights in Belgium supported the ban on full-face covering veils. France was among the first nation in Europe to ban the full-face veils in 2011. Following France, many more countries did the same. In France, face-covering veils are completely banned and the ones wearing them in public places are fined.

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