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Dust Storm Hits Karachi

dust storm

An intense dust storm has hit Karachi on Sunday night and continued on till Monday morning spreading sand around the metropolis and bending trees in some vicinities.

The sudden dust storm came with strong gushing sounds, hindering on the visibility on many important roads. The wind was so intense that it took away the tin walls and knocked out the power cables in some areas, chopping off electricity.

Strong winds with dust continued to howl on Monday morning with light rain in some of the areas, which includes Orangi Town and II Chundrigarh Road.

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As per reports, a man was killed as a tree fell on him near People’s Chowrangi. In another incident, 5 students got injured too and were immediately taken to a nearby hospital as the roof of their school present on the Tipu Sultan Road collapsed, as per the rescue sources.

Sardar Sarfaraz—the Director of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said that the dust storm of last night was stronger than anticipated. He added that winds blew at a speed of 65km/h and declined the visibility to 500 metres.

He said that a western wind system is present and that winds are anticipated to blow at high speeds today too. He said that the western wind would be leaving the city by Tuesday morning.

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