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Duration of Gas Bill Payments increased to 15 days


The monthly duration of the gas bill has been increased to 15 days from prior 7 days. This announcement was made by the Advisor to Prime Minister on Petroleum Division, Nadeem Babar.

Babar in a press conference said that the department will make sure that the gas bills are delivered within two days so that bill payment becomes easier for the customers.

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From September, the government is also planning to launch an awareness campaign on gas consumption.

Babar said. “We will inform people about the appropriate quantity of gas to be used for geysers.”

Also, the government is ready to fix timers on geysers if the people demand it. The cabinet has decided to offer industrial gas connections within 30 days time frame of the application. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) next month.

Next month, the government will introduce a new policy on the

Adding, “Now government’s Petroleum Departments will not provide LPG based on the quota system, but will rather adopt open transplant liter system.”

The petroleum division wants to improve the LPG production and it is working on it, as per the advisor to the PM.