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Dubai to Permit Transit Passengers to Tour City

Good news for the transiting passengers on Dubai international Airport. The transiting passengers would soon be permitted to tour the Persian Gulf hot spot.

On Tuesday this proposal was presented by the Dubai Airports. Under the suggested proposal the passengers waiting in transit would be encouraged to explore the city.

As per the tweet of Dubai Media Office the transit time in Dubai would soon become tourism as passengers would be encouraged to leave the airport premises for exploring the city.

According to a video posted on Twitter by the Dubai Airports the Microcosm Dubai project presents city-wide itineraries for passengers who would be in transit for more than four hours. And the ones who have transit time less than four hours would be provided with a “virtual-tour” of the city.

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Almost 4.5 million passengers transit via Dubai International Airport each month. The annual number of these passengers is 50 million out of the fifty million approximately 46 million passengers do not visit the city and just leave from the airport.

Most of the passengers remain inside the airport enclosure doing shopping or enjoying food and beverages. The average amount a traveller spend at the airport has reached Dh9, whereas the ones who visit the city could spend up to Dh1,000. Approximately 14.9 million tourists visit Dubai on per year basis and the figure is expected to get an uplift to 20 million by 2020.

Dubai International Airport has been named previously in 2017 again as the world’s busiest international airport for the international passengers. It maintained its rank for the fourth year accommodating 88.2 million travellers.

It is one significant transit centre on the transcontinental air routes. Dubai is one among many Persian Gulf airports that have experienced and registered remarkable growth over the years.

This is an amazing initiative by the Dubai airport authorities, as many people would for sure be availing this awesome chance to get a glimpse of the most developed Arabian country.

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