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Dubai to Open “Quran Park” Offering Free Entry

The upcoming “Quran Park” of Dubai would have free entry, as announced by the Director General of Dubai Municipality—Abdul Rahman Al Hajiri on Monday.

The fee would only be charged for those who would wish to visit two of the special sections present in the park, as informed by the civic body in a press release.

However, the municipality has made no announcement so far regarding the opening date of the public park.

The park would be situated in the area of Al Khawaneej and would be offering free entry to all the visitors for enjoying the beautiful and charming views of this pretty and unique work, the press release informed.

Al Hajiri said that the park would be open without any walls permitting everyone to take advantage of its multiple offered facilities.  An amount of Dh 10 each would be charged for entering the Glass House and the Cave of Miracles.

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He further added that the building of the Quran Park is a great achievement for Dubai and it would be one of the most distinctive and unique innovations in the emirates.

Al Hajiri indicated that the park would be providing a wonderful opportunity to elaborate and explain the many miracles that are mentioned in the Holy Quran. Also, would be providing a chance to its visitors to learn about the benefits of the plants that are mentioned in the Holy book. It would also display that how the modern medicine has been heavily impacted by the mentioned plants in order for providing treatment to various ailments and the benefits they pose for the environment.

He further mentioned that among the most significant elements of the project is the Glass House which contains the plants mentioned in Quran and Sunnah, which grow under certain temperatures and special environmental factors, along with some shops for selling the displayed herbs and plants.

The Cave of Miracles displays the seven miracles that are told in the Quran showcased with the recent most interactive techniques.

The park has also got twelve gardens, which have got the plants mentioned in Quran and Sunnah, including the olives, melons, bananas, leeks, onions, pond beans, garlic, pomegranates, figs, basil, grapes, ginger, tarmind, cucumber, pumpkins, corn, wheat and lentils, Al Hajiri added.

The park would be equipped with the latest technology as it would have Wi-Fi system, solar panels, shaded seating arrangements for the visitors and phone charging stations.

He emphasized that the objective of the project is aimed at the establishment of a Quran Park in the heart of the modern environment with Islamic perspective and cultural values. The park has a vision of presenting the values of Islam, which are of tolerance, love and peace.

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