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Dubai to Introduce Digital Vehicle Number Plates

The concept of automobile license plates has not changed much ever since the invention of the car itself more than a century back, however, digital license plates have been a lot in talks in present years. Now, the drivers in the United Arab Emirates are all set to test the digital license plates. Under the new plans, the drivers in Dubai might soon be using the digital vehicle number plates.

As per the reports of BBC, Dubai would start testing the digital “smart plates” on some automobile from next month. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has justified the initiative by saying that these devices would permit for much quicker emergency response in case the driver meets with an accident or if the car gets stolen. Other services including the registration and renewal, parking fines, tolls could also be paid or instantly could be deducted from the automobile’s owner.

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Since the license plates are equipped with GPS there is a concern regarding the privacy of the driver. The license numbers could be altered by the transport authority remotely, which means they have the potential of getting hacked.

The BBC also mentioned that the desert climate of Dubai along with the scorching heat and sand might pose multiple challenges to the technology.

Back in 2013 California passed a bill for starting to allow the testing of digital license plates, and they started to roll out at the start of this year. Plate reading and tracking is something old for the law enforcement agencies, these smart plates could take the whole thing to a completely new level.

Dubai has got major plans of expansion in terms of technology in the transportation sector and aspires for self-driving vehicles to account for a quarter of journeys by the year 2030.

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