Dubai Officials Deny that UAE has Suspended Travel Visa for Pakistanis

UAE has temporarily suspended the travel visa for Pakistani’s until the end of 2018. Those Pakistanis who wanted to visit UAE for Christmas or New Year would have to halt their plans. This news was reported earlier today. As the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) officials said that government of UAE is rejecting visa applications from Pakistan. Thus travel agents are asked not to apply for travel visa in UAE until further notice.

Naeem Sharif Chairman Travel Agents Association said that no specific reason is given for rejecting the travel visa.  He added, “The applications were rejected and directions have been given to travel agents not to apply until further notice.”

Vice Chairman Travel Agents Association, Nadeem Sharif believes that this is just done temporarily and from New Year the visa will be granted again to the Pakistanis. Moreover, he informed that this visa restriction is only done for Pakistanis as already 300000 Pakistanis are residing in Dubai on visit visas.

The question was asked that why Pakistani’s are not being issued visit visa in this particular time period?

Now another development is reported, as per Tribune UAE officials have denied this report that they are rejecting visa applications from Pakistanis.

As per Khaleej Times, a false notice is spreading all over the country which says that “the ministry and immigration of UAE have temporarily suspended issuance of UAE visa for Pakistanis”.

UAE general directorate of residency and foreigners have denied these rumors and reports.

Christmas and New Year are the most celebrated events all around the globe. On Christmas, people exchange gifts, decorate their homes, and travel. Similarly, New Year is a start of new resolutions and a new beginning.

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Again traveling is one of the most fun activity on both occasions. Thus banning visas or spreading such false news at this time of year is disappointing for Pakistanis.


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