Dubai launches the world’s most expensive perfume Shumukh for $1.295 million

world's most expensive perfume

Dubai has been an icon for luxury and upscale items for quite a time now, the place also features the world’s iconic hotels and buildings such as Burj Khalifa. A Dubai based company “The Spirit of Dubai” has introduced the world’s expensive perfume called “Shumukh” the bottle is loaded with 3,571 diamonds, 18 karat gold, silver, pearls, and topaz.

It is not only the bottle which costs, the perfume itself is highly upscale; the perfume is made out of imported organic material including sandalwood, Musk, pure Indian Agarwood, Turkish rose, Ylang-Ylang, and Patchouli.

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According to the details the perfume currently holds multiple Guinness world records, it will be displayed at Dubai Mall, fashion avenue from 14th to 30th March, 2019. The perfume is unisex and lasts for 12 hours, designed by Nabeel the perfume is valued at AED 4.752 million /US $ 1.295 million. It took more than 3 years and 494 perfume trials to formulate the final unforgettable and mesmerizing fragrance.

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