Dubai Introduces Facial Recognition System on Public Transport

facial recognition system

Dubai has introduced a facial recognition system on public transport to increase security, as per the officials. This has been done ahead of the global Expo exhibition which Dubai is to host.

As per the reports, Obaid-al-Hathboor, the Director of the Transport Security Department of Dubai said that this technology has proven that it is effective in identifying the wanted and such personnel who are suspicious.

Dubai has already got a biometric system that makes use of facial recognition at the international airport.

The United Arab Emirates which sees itself as a leading smart city in the Middle East has got the goals of becoming a centre of technology and artificial intelligence. Both of these sectors would be on show when it would open the multi-billion-dollar Expo fair.

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Hathboor said that they aspire to surge their performance by creating on their present capabilities, in order to ensure a high level of security in the metro stations and in the other transportation sectors.

Previously, under the supervision of the Crown Prince of Dubai-Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the police of the city used facial recognition in a simulated scenario for identifying the gunmen launching an attack on a metro station.

The special unit members (trained in the US) would be sent to the major metro stations during Expo 2020. The 6-month event was deferred by a year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it would now set to open in October 2021.

The Expo was anticipated to attract 15 million visitors before the global economy was hit by the epidemic.

The facial recognition technology would be launched in all the metro stations in the coming months, as informed by Jamal Rashed of the Police Transport Security Department of Dubai.

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