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Dual Nationality Allowed to Pakistanis of Denmark

Good news for the Pakistanis settled in Denmark as they have been permitted to have dual nationalities.

Ministry of Interior issued a notice on Saturday as per the notice thirty thousand Pakistanis residing in Denmark would be able to take the advantage of the allowance and would be able to hold the Danish nationality without the need of giving up on their Pakistani nationality. More than a total of five thousand Pakistanis living in Denmark visit Pakistan every year.

This matter had been pending with the Federal government for some time. The delay was causing difficulties for the Pakistani community settled in Denmark.

This European country has become the nineteenth country to have signed the dual nationality treaty with Pakistan.

Another than Denmark Pakistanis residing in the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Bahrain, Sweden, Belgium, Syria, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Egypt, Jordan, Finland, Italy, France, Ireland and Iceland also have the arrangement of keeping their Pakistani nationalities alongside the citizenship of the corresponding named countries they are residing in.

A top Pakistani representative in the European country, earlier this month took the matter with the Danish government.

The Danish government, after getting the affirmation from its parliament permitted the Pakistani having Danish nationality to retain their home country nationality and can have dual citizenship.

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