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Drones to Monitor the Sealed Areas


The police and the district administration are making use of the drones to keep a check on the sealed areas. The areas have been sealed owing to the surge in coronavirus cases. The drone is being used in order to monitor the situation in the narrow lanes of the sealed areas.

The authorities were also making use of the CCTV cameras footage to recognize the shops and people who are not abiding with the lockdown imposition.

At least 22 hotspots, the areas where the COVID-19 cases were rising rapidly have been marked and completely sealed off.

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In the meantime, the District Health Authority (DHA) is making surveys in more areas of the city to identify any coronavirus clusters and to learn about the number of affectees so that after the surveys a recommendation could be forwarded to the district administration to enforce strict lockdown in the area.

The officials indicated that the city residents were a big source of spreading the coronavirus in the city.

It is also informed that a ban on the entry of people in the sealed areas from other areas would remain in place. The curfew in the hotspot areas has brought out the needed results and has reduced the virus transmission significantly in the city.

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