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Drone Plantation Technology to be Brought in Pakistan

drone plantation technology

The chief minister gave confirmation to the news of bringing in the Drone Plantation Technology to Pakistan in the near future.

Some days back, NASA revealed few images of the world where it indicated that the greenery in Pakistan has grown twice since the past few decades. It was indeed thrilling news to hear that the efforts of the government and the people towards trees plantation in the country were finally showing results.

All thanks to the dedication and passion of the people of Pakistan and the government authorities for ensuring that Pakistan becomes greener than ever so we could leave a green, safe and healthy environment behind for the generations to come.

For making it more effective, the ICT administration of the federal capital is taking all measures for bringing in the drone plantation technology to Islamabad.

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This would not just be increasing the speed at which the saplings are planted in the city but would also be making them much more effective in comparison to hand plantation.

The news of bringing in the drone plantation technology to Pakistan was confirmed by the chief minister of the capital city.

He gave assurance that the technology would be brought to Pakistan real soon and it would be tested first in Islamabad.

Unmanned aerial devices have become increasingly incredible tools for use in many industries which includes agriculture.

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