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Drone Cameras and UAVs Barred in Islamabad for 2 Months

drones and UAVs

Drone cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles—UAVs have been barred in the capital city for 2 months after the district administration issued warning that they could be used by the troublemaker to interfere with security during the Azadi March.

As per an order issued by the District Magistrate Islamabad, it has been informed that a particular segment of the public operates un-manned aerial vehicles in the federal capital which pose a unique threat to the unstable security situation of Islamabad. These UAVs could be used by the rebels to conduct acts of terrorism in the areas that have been secured and protected against the ground attacks. Any possible terrorist attack would jeopardize the security of the city residents and sensitive installations that would create law and order situation and would threat the public peace at large.

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Hamza Shafqat—the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad gave clarification when contacted that all types of UAVs which include the drones and airplanes fly with the remote control system have been barred in the federal capital for a span of 2 months.

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As per a source of the Islamabad Administration use of the drone camera by media would also be strictly barred during the coverage of the Azadi March.

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