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Driving School for Women in Saudi Arabia; a University’s initiative

Princess Nourah Bin Abdulrahman University declared this Saturday that they are all set to open a driving school for the ladies with the consent of the associated establishments.

This announcement was made on the University’s Twitter account. This decision is made in line with the Royal decision of letting women drive cars along with their peers in the Kingdom, reported Arab News.

Last Tuesday orders were released by King Salman, as per the royal court statement forwarded by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). As per the orders, it was allowed for women to drive in the Kingdom for the very first time.

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“The royal decree will implement the provisions of traffic regulations, including the issuance of driving licenses for men and women alike,” the SPA shared. The announcement orders the making of a ministerial unit for giving advice on the practicalities of the issued order within 30 days and to make sure that the rule is fully implemented by June 2018.

This for sure is a new beginning for the Saudi women. Earlier there was a relaxed order for women of not wearing an abaya on beach resorts and now this rule of letting women drive in their country without any obligations, both orders favor women and is a great step.

These initiatives to relax some restrictions on women has got major effects on Saudi economy and on women’s ability to work. This is the latest change among the series of changes that have been going on through Saudi Arabia since the crowning of Prince Mohammad bin Salman. He viewed the allowance of women to drive is the key to bringing positive changes. He believes that the order would lead to higher female participation in the workforce and a breakdown of gender roles that restricts social interactions outside the family.

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