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Driving License Test: Islamabad Vs Rawalpindi, A Shocking Contrast

The twin cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi & Islamabad are poles apart in their driving license test. Regardless of which test is better or accurate, we need to have one system, a uniform driving license test in the whole country.

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Islamabad Driving License Test

Islamabad driving license test is extremely difficult, and it’s fair to say that just a few pass it. They ask you to reverse the car in a very narrow path with cones on both sides. You hit a cone ever so slightly and you will be asked to go back home. The criteria are same for girls and boys which is fair but the rule for reverse in the world is “the driver of a vehicle must not reverse the vehicle further than is reasonable in the circumstances.” Reverse the car only as much as required, avoid it if it can be avoided, with this rule applicable how can you judge applicants on reverse criteria. Moreover all around the world, individuals are asked to take their car outside on the main road and drive. They are asked for parallel parking usually which seems the right procedure to judge the driving of an individual.

Rawalpindi Driving License Test

Rawalpindi driving license test is just a joke. The path for girls and boys is not the same and neither is the criteria fair. I can tell from personal experience that they pass those who have successfully reversed the car and those who have not as well. So if accidents are increasing every day the prime reason is that we have given licenses to non-drivers or poor drivers.


There is also another critical issue of fake licenses. If you can’t pass the test, you just require a connection or a reference and your fake driving license will be given to you. It’s sad that we don’t consider it wrong or illegal. We just feel that it is part of the system, if you can have a driving license issued without any hassle, why not? So those who feel robbery is wrong, bribery is unethical, public intoxication is immoral but issuing a driving license id through a reference or a shortcut is okay, well hats off to you guys.