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Driving Licence to be Made A Must for Purchasing Motorcycles

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The police department of Sindh has suggested declaring that driving license is essentially needed for purchasing motorcycles, as per the reports of local media on Tuesday.

The Sindh police department introduced this idea in order to control traffic violations and accidents.

The suggestion was made during a high-level session that was led by Syed Kaleem Imam—the Inspector General of Sindh Police for reviewing measures for anti-motorcycle lifting, security and other related issues, as per notification.

Imam gave directives to authorities to ensure that the traffic laws are properly implemented and practised by the motorcyclists by using helmets, carrying licenses and registration books while travelling. After the suggestions of motorcycle making firms, Imam instructed to deploy special teams in the central motorcycle markets for issuing of learning driving licenses to the citizens.

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The IG police informed that the Karachi police and the authorities were working alongside for eliminating the motorbike lifting and that action would be taken against gangs involved in the street crimes and robberies.

He further added that the police department has formulated a plan for starting crackdown against the unlawful trade of motorcycle spare parts which would be put into effect soon.

Imam also said that soon a draft would be forwarded to the Sindh government for announcing that installation of tracking devices and Radio Frequency Identifications (RFIDs) and hook locks essentially on motorcycles.

A letter would soon be sent to the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) for making installation of hook locks a part of the law for the manufacturing firms.

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